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Vuly Ultra – Price Match Guarantee



Ultra infuses all the greatest Vuly features into our most affordable trampoline ever. It’s safe bouncing for every family for years to come.



Heavy-duty and secure enclosure.

Keep safe from contact zones and fall into a polyethylene net that’s tested more rigorously than competing trampolines for performance in high UV and wet weather.


500 test hours

for resistance to UV rays
in a longer-term UV accelerator.


40 cm taller enclosure

than the nearest competitor.

The ultra has a Self-closing entry.

Strong, no-gap netting

Prevent the material tears and caught fingers of looser mesh. Unlike many trampolines, the tight weave also protects against frame contact by attaching straight to the jump mat.


3 mm weave

compared to 10 mm
of the nearest competitor.


0 mm gap between mat & net

compared to 30 mm of the nearest competitor,
when in use with 100kg static weight.

Touch only the trampoline’s jump mat or enclosure – never the coils or frame.

Soft landings only

Fall on only the jump mat or net – never the metal coils, frame or poles – thanks to:


Springs that are totally external to the enclosure;


Poles and netting that arch in opposite directions;


An entry that self-closes every time, with no fiddly zips or Velcro.

The ultra trampoline lets you go higher on two layers springs to boost your bounce.

Strong build and rust defence

Enjoy your trampoline into the future, with thicker, heat-treated steel tubing that’s twice zinc galvanised from top to bottom – even on the inside.

40,000 test bounces

40,000 test bounces

on our test machine.

T-joiner steel

50% thicker t-joiner steel

than the nearest competitor.

Zero nuts

Zero nuts, bolts or Velcro

for easy assembly.

True 150 kg weight capacity

Take advantage of the world’s best weight rating – strictly evaluated by third party assessors to Australian Standard 4989. No other trampoline is tested for 750 kg of static load.

A strong, thick and durable frame.

Thick safety padding

Expect full protection, with foam and long-lasting bisonyl that’s secured directly to the springs by extra-strong PVC loops to keep springs far out of reach.


33% thicker foam

than the nearest competitor.


60% thicker PVC covering

than the nearest competitor.

A durable bouncing system

Advanced rebound system

Bounce higher on two layers of larger, chromate conversion coated springs that boost momentum based on the bouncer’s weight – providing a deeper bounce.


100,000 recoils

on our test machine, at 100 kg.

20% wider springs

20% wider springs

than the nearest competitor.



Trampoline width
S: 270cm M: 323cm L: 359cm XL: 427.5cm
Safety Net height
S: 175cm M: 175cm L: 175cm XL: 175cm
Mat width
S: 204.5cm M: 267cm L: 323.5cm XL: 382cm
Frame width
S: 243.5cm M: 314.5cm L: 378cm XL: 436m
Mat height
S: 91cm M: 91cm L: 91cm XL: 91cm
Trampoline height
S: 281cm M: 281cm L: 281cm XL: 281cm
Assembled weight: 55.5kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 42

Box A (1x)
(L) 1050mm (W) 360mm (H) 270mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1110mm (W) 380mm (H) 300mm

Assembled weight: 62.5kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 42

Box A (1x)
(L) 1230mm (W) 390mm (H) 265mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1110mm (W) 370mm (H) 180mm

Box C (1x)
(L) 730mm (W) 240mm (H) 170mm

Assembled weight: 81kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 56

Box A (1x)
(L) 1200mm (W) 460mm (H) 340mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1110mm (W) 260mm (H) 170mm

Box C (1x)
(L) 1050mm (W) 360mm (H) 270mm

Extra Large
Assembled weight: 89.9kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Coil spring count: 70

Box A (1x)
(L) 1220mm (W) 470mm (H) 340mm

Box B (1x)
(L) 1110mm (W) 260mm (H) 170mm

Box C (1x)
(L) 1110mm (W) 280mm (H) 160mm

Box D (1x)
(L) 730mm (W) 230mm (H) 190mm

World-class warranties

Vuly guarantees that Ultra is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

5 year warranty
Frame Tubes
and Joiner Poles 5 year warranty
Springs and Jump Mat
(excluding print) 1 year warranty
Safety Net,
Net Poles and Safety Pads 3 year warranty
Safety Net, Net Poles, Safety Pads


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Vuly Ultra – Price Match Guarantee